We Label Brains

That’s what we do: label brains.  We usually use T1-weighted MRI brain scans of humans, but we also have experience with macaques, mice, and beagles and even labeling subcutaneous fat in abdominal CT scans.  If you’ve got 3D medical images and can see or otherwise localize the boundaries between regions of interest then we can label them.  We’re itching to do a project involving Diffusion MRI.

Hardly anybody seems to be willing to do this sort of work because it requires so much labor and expertise, but we’ve put great effort into optimizing workflow to make the process efficient, eliminate errors, and document adherence to precise labeling protocols.  That means we get it done at a reasonable cost.

Beyond our own manually-guided automated labeling techniques, we can also make corrections in results generated by automated labeling methods like FreeSurfer.

We’ll be very happy to discuss your needs if you contact us.